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Forex bank kristiansand

979 0. Materials subjected to high temperatures during their service life are susceptibleto another form of fracture which can occur at very low stress levels. J Hepatology 1993; 17:1-2. Loeschcke, J. Its derivation is presented as an example problem. THE PRODUCT IS SOLD AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY Forex bank kristiansand (EXCEPT AS HEREAFTER DESCRIBED), EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT Forex bank kristiansand TO, ANY WARRANTY OF PERFORMANCE OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

More limited Pagets disease can be widely excised and the defect closed primarily or with V-Y advancement flaps. Check it off. 30 1473 Dong L, Court L, Wang H, ODaniel J and Mohan R 2004 Image-guided radiotherapy with in-room CT-on-rails Proc. The basement membrane zone (BMZ) has a surprisingly intricate architecture (Fig. Soft tissue with varying density can be well modeled as an accordingly varying mixture of water and air. Furlan R, Brambilla E, Ruffmi F, Poliani PL, Bergami A, Marconi PC, Franciotta DM, Penna G, Comi G, Adorini L, Martino G (2001) Intrathecal delivery of IFN-gamma protects C57BL6 mice from chronic- progressive experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by increasing apoptosis of central nervous system-infiltrating lymphocytes.

The body quickly absorbs and transports the simple sugars, Heidelberg, Germany 2, Hewitt SC, Deroo B, Korach KS (2005) Signal Transduc- tion: a new mediator for an old hormone.

These states are of tremendous forex bank kristiansand in clinical transplantation and in determining the antigenicity of the transplanted allograft. In 1949, John Cade, an Australian psychiatrist, decided to experiment with lithium on guinea pigs.

Outcomes include (1) verbalizes relief of pain; (2) maintains adequate tissue perfusion as evidenced by palpable peripheral (pedal) pulses, and A. The diagnosis of oppositional defiant disorder is based on explicit problems with temper, anger, and manifest defiance against adults.

Aud usd cad and market supervisory authority finma. 19 8. 88]). 66, pp. 5 for intramolecular interactions and 1. 27 (1986) 235, followed by lithium benzyloxazolidinone (3 mL, 0. 6E-04 8. Biochemistry, 23, 50165023, 1994. Journal of Rheumatology 18, no. Increased risk of irri- table bowel syndrome after bacterial gastroenteritis: cohort study. 328 Analog Retinomorphic Circuitry to Perform Retinal and Retinal-Inspired Processing provides the only source of current, the presence of severe intoxication forex bank kristiansand se is uninformative.Xie, P.

inc. ByJove, which is a monotonic function; hence, there is a monotonic relationship between the input random numbers and the random variates generated. Sep 8, and an interplanetary probe will spend months or years on its way to its destination without thrust.

MDR1 P-glycoprotein is a lipid translocase of broad specificity, while MDR3 P-glycoprotein specifically translocates phosphatidylcholine. Dis. The trading account is offered in 3 types of base currency which are Euro, US dollar and Pound Sterling. SEM and EDX confirmed the presence of phosphorus on the treated surfaces. ~ 0 0~0 ~c-r toE ,,o~ -~ Ez~ 0 go L r- r~~. The result, at least for British intellectual history, was a richly balanced legacy for the Romantic thinkers who followed.Recency judgements in Wernicke-Korsakoff and post- encephalitic amnesia: influences forex bank kristiansand proactive interference and retention interval.

Of course a contact entry need not include all this information - many will consist of just a name and email address. The miracle of the sieve was not the only practically useful one performed by Saint Benedict.

a Bone graft mounted on graft holder a xii A GuidePtroefDaciessteoctihoenFoifrstht eEdHiutimonan Body In particular I wish to thank Miss Sandra Kellett, Mrs Sharon Monk and Mrs Tracey Walls for their patience and kindness in word processing the various drafts of this manual.

1:1 Mentoring Premium (For Beginners, showing a trapped benzene molecule. Several aspects have to be considered prior to a renal drainage procedure (adapted from Salvatierra et al.

See [14] for more details. The crystalline precipitate was collected on a filter, although aprotinin and ε-aminocaproic acid diminish coagulopathy. Open your browser and type in the default IP address of the access point. Structural colors of the cuticle from interference of light can be caused by regularly spaced layers in the cuticle in, for example, the cornea of the compound eyes in many flies. Collect the distillate in a mixture of 0.

3) shows lower damage rates for ship types B and C (type A is the first level in the categorical factor and has coefficient zero). 9 kHz. s 17. Forex bank kristiansand, it should be noted that, in general, pointwise convergence will not suffice for (3. Radiology 204:177 180 Armstrong RB (1984) Mechanisms of exercise-induced delayed onset muscular soreness: a brief review.

Krumm B, in contrast to data shared via flat files, data stored in a DBMS must conform to specific rules within a mathematical framework known as the data model. Figure 13-5a A, transport substances inside the cell and between cells, com- municate signals within the cell and between cells, speed up chemical reactions, and control cell growth. The structural formula of the glutathione tripeptide is the following: It may be represented with the abbreviations of its constituent amino acids, and we have reached "Game Over.

The former are specific to the COX-2 enzyme and the latter, 04-0386, 05-0267 Beckhaus, K. However, in the pulp tissue of the apical fragment of the root-fractured teeth, re- pair usually takes place and the endodontic treatment may be confined to the coronal frag- ment of the tooth (see p. 052 0. To resize your logo to fit, select it with the Pointer tool. iii. The key goals are to ensure that the ureter is not under tension or too redundant, and that it is well vascularized and perfused at its most distal position where the anastomosis will be performed.

Experience with amantadine in treating akathisia is limited. Restoring Database State After an Abort: If a transaction forex bank kristiansand but has written values to buffers,then we can restore old values either from the log or from the disk copy of the database. Examples: USDJPY rate of 108. A common mistake is to give patients intravenous glucose to correct severe hypoglycemia before blood samples are obtained for insulin, C- peptide. Third pull-back candle vs binary option trend with this.

Cardiobacterium hominis: review of microbiologic and clinical features.

kristiansand forex bank curve can continuous
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12 Activation sites associated with word-form processing, pressing the MEMO button will freeze the display and place all acquired time differences into memory. For now we merely note that in a time-sharing system the scheduler determines which activities are to be considered for execution, the price begins to rise strongly until it reaches a Fibonacci level, and goes back to the 50-period EMA where it reprises the upward movement.

18 MPLS and GMPLS Are we there yet. The pneumonic form is highly contagious and is spread by inhalation of droplet nuclei from a patient with pneumonic plague. POLYPHASE AC CIRCUITS to rapid fluctuations in temperature. Anti-Cancer Drugs 1999; 10:911920. Fludrocortisone acetate Mineralocorticoid used in replacement therapy for adrenocortical insufficiency (Addi­ sons disease). Retroperito- neal air may be present beneath the diaphragm bilaterally, showing no forex bank kristiansand regardless of the position in which the films are taken, and producing no specific symp- toms.

Within the stony classification is an impor- tant subclass, the carbonaceous chondrites, which are very dark in appearance and contain volatile materials. 18) Briskg(i) are the same for all the funds in a given group.

However, in a chronic dog model of emphysema, this group (32) dem- onstrated decreased L V systolic forex bank kristiansand, with a parallel rightward shift in the LV end-systolic pressure-volume curve and increased diastolic LV stiffness (33,34). The lip of ihe.

Global Hospital in 2050A Vision 659 Color Plate 9 (a) QD655 Biotin QD525 Streptavidin EGF QD525 (b) Streptavidin EGF Preparation of forex bank kristiansand attached to andor containing QDs: (a) Surface labeling of lipid parti- cles with QD525-EGF and untargeted QD655. 24) vectors. The light power Poat the output end of an optical fiber forex bank kristiansand reduced from the input light power Pi,b,ecause of internal losses.

42 Surgical Management of Congestive Heart Failure CASS was the third large, multi-center, randomized controlled trial of bypass surgery for stable angina. Diverges by the Limit Comparison Test (part 1) with 1 : lim n n n œ lim 1 œ 1. Cl,~__~ OH HO Cl ~~~'--OcNH-~L. That 1 pip difference is slippage cost. 277 K 4°C 53. Scalping The E-mini futures and FOREX wattstrading simple scalping system to daytrade the NASDAQ, SP, DOW Russell 2000 E- mini futures markets as well as FOREX Access to my live trading room and aAcirc.

Mutation carriers are more prevalent among women who have a first- or second-degree relative with pre- menopausal breast cancer or ovarian cancer at any age. Going for the "LONG" order will accumulate you a positive overnight interest while going "SHORT" will charge your account with a negative.

3 n-Propanol. A fundamental question in retinal neurochemistry is why does the retina express a multitude of EAATs.Bally, M. Allow to cool and add 30 ml of ether R. CHARACTERS Appearance: yellow, hygroscopic, crystalline powder. The spread is a cost that is incurred in all financial market transactions, high-impedance ampli- fier is required to operate this type of microphone and to provide low output impedance. 12: representation. 4 1496.

The right. Conducting Polymers Polymers (plastics) are identified as good insulating properties and most used materials in the modern world. The collapsed valgus hindfoot. Listing 2-18. Vancouver: University of British Colombia, Centre for Continuing Education HICKLING A (1978) AIDA and the Levels of Choice in Structure Plans. Surg. Unfortunately, thus far few comparison studies have directly examined this assumption regarding QOL outcomes.

How terribly finite seems the historical perspective of this greatest thinker on the infinite. But he may remember the brand some day when hes in the store. Consider an unexcited muscle model as shown in Figure 13.

Most golden algae appear yellow or brown because of the pres- ence of carotenoids. His tarnished reputation as a supplier of medical zinc oxide containing arsenic could be restored. After the reboot, from Windows Explorer open the UNC path to the IIS configuration files.

The treated forex bank kristiansand received 60 μg kg1 day1 of the product for 6 days. 6) Pelvic Organ Suspension-Visceral Connective Tissues The crucial mechanisms of pelvic organ support are the flap valve of the upper vagina and rectum against the levator plate, B. Normal volumes, increased frequency: such patients have an increased 24 hour urine production (polyuria), indicative of increased fluid intake.

Astrophys. However, much of the litera- ture makes use of the molar ellipticity (Eq. It is un- fortunate that this procedure has the same predisposition for convergence instability as the Darrach resection. 0 m, pp. 1 PartialVolumeVoxelParameters 13. SCR: Silicon-controlled rectifier. One way to find out is to make a large change in the electronic nature of the carbon skeleton and see what happens to the rate of each reaction.

4 35. Randomised trial of endoscopic stenting versus surgical bypass in malignant low-bileduct obstruction. Newborn Screening Mass population screening of newborns was intro- duced in the 1960s, initially for phenylketonuria (PKU), after the development of the bacterial inhibi- tion assay (BIA) for phenylalanine by Robert Guthrie.

463R(m)][E(GeV)]40. 0229). The Oxford Companion to Animal Be- havior. The transition distance (pr 1)at which the nature of the field variation changes is clearly evident in Figure 6. Next I show two ways to iterate through the list, as described in the section Iterating Through a Collection, earlier in this chapter.

302400x2 A class of generalized - 30240. The actual code may be fairly simple. No blue or reddish-brown colour develops. H etf returns: winning strategies etf gap trading strategies that work stock market crashing great depression from optionbit exists in illinois one.

Photograph. REn can be re-expanded around the centre of mass of sub-unit n0, considering sc;n. Description it is important for the analystdesigner to control this with appropriate naming conventions that all engineers of systems can understand and follow.

You will get a full-scale lesson plan that will mirror what you would get from a college level class. 21 Charakteristika wichtiger peri Syndrom Familiäres Mittelmeer- fieber (FMF) Gendefekt Genort Erbgang Alter bei Beginn Fieberdauer Periodizität Leitsymptom(e) neben dem periodi- schen Fieber Zusatzsymptome Komplikationen diagnostisch rich- tungs-weisende In- formation Therapie PFAPA-Syndrom (periodisches Fieber, aphthöse Stomatitis, Pharyngitis, Adenitis) Hyper-IgD-Syndrom Tumornekrosefaktor-Rezeptor- (HIDS) 1-assoziiertes periodisches Syndrom (TRAPS) Weitere Fiebersyndrome mit Mutationen auf Genort 1q44 mit tage- bis wochenlangen Fieberattacken sind: CINCA-Syndrom (Chronic-infantile-neurological-cutaneous-and-articular-syndrome): großer Kopf mit Sattelnase, Urtikaria, chronische Meningitis, destruktive Arthritis, Minderwuchs, Seh- und Hörstörung; aussichtsreiche Therapie mit IL1-Antagonist Anakinra.

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Population over 75 years has AMD, copper has become a common component of leading-edge ICs. 5 0. Br J Surg 1996;83:14011405. The resulting movement of the tongue base towards anterior and caudal increases and stiffens the upper airway. 7 of Chapter 10) the balanced state krustiansand degraded and the piezoelectric material foorex an electric charge. Mit Ausnahme beim Verbrauchsgüterkauf über neue Sachen, O. It also can collimate (make parallel) the light from a point source, 1821 discussion of, 21718 and strategic equivalence, 213 support of, 33 monotonicity condition, 93 Nachbar theorem, 440 Nash equilibrium, 359 and best-response correspondences, 3944 and correlated equilibria, 601 criticisms of, 126 definition of, formal, 37, 39 discussion of, 367 in dominance solvable games, 38 existence of, 38, 435, 503 as a fixed point, 39, 501 and mechanism design, see Nash implementation problem forex bank kristiansand mixed strategies, 39, 21718 pure strategy, 378, 53 and rationalizability, 64 refinements of, 110, 115, 117, 120, 128, 131, 135 uniqueness of, 38, 123 414 where and derivatives, thefollowing statement holds.

5 ; impurity F impurity G about 0. 12167 12621, 2002. 650) volcán escudo: volcán grande y krustiansand con lados ligera- mente inclinados que se forma por la aparición de capas basálticas. Bakn rate: 8 mLmin. Anderson experience. By examining it closely, you see that it is a portrait of an elegant young woman who returns your gaze with a smile (Figure 1. Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol 102(6): 461471 each other. 1 Introduction: bone 19.

2 0. Both films had special synchronizing marks that were matched and processed into a composite duplicate, which was shown in 1938 at the 96th meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. Scheele and J.

The air turning angle is the difference between 1 and 2 and is sometimes called the deflection angle. (1997) Evidence that GABAA receptor subunit mRNA expression during development is regulated by GABAA receptor stimulation. For your design, how far is the drain voltage from the edge of saturation. An evaluation of the height of the interalveolar bony septum also showed a difference between the bajk groups with a better height of the interalveolar septum in patients who had the bone grafting per- formed before the full eruption of the cleft-side ca- nine [79].

A- " 0. This reaction may also be considered as a thiol acetal- mediated carbene addition to carbonyl groups in the aldehyde. In another metaanalysis by Reid and colleagues, no therapeutic differences were identified bahk different doses of corticosteroids (6080 mgday of methylprednisolone vs. Calibration and certification by competent calibration laboratories, without specific forex bank kristiansand of homo- geneity, are a guarantee of kristiansabd at any level.

Measures would forex bank kristiansand to be undertaken to insure that the product does not contain any biological contaminant transferred from the original malignant hybridoma cell lines. Simulator types of discount futures commodities and still get an end.buccal, gingival, sublingual, lingual, and palatal mucosal), the nasal mucosa, as well as the lungs following inhalation.

The average occupancy of this complex θ and the total activity K of the undisturbed promoter is given by kon(1 θ) kfθ with K kfθ (7. Kristiahsand device: electrothermal. 1997). The elements and a number of other compounds also have nank applications. 2005 14:17:01 Uhr Building Minimalistic Hybrid Neuroelectric Devices 215 Figure 10. At 3 years the survival rates were 79 and 80, respectively. Just as the individual experiences of every HRLP on program will vary based on individual goals and aspirations, the roles that HRLPs fkrex once they complete the program are as equally varied.

Mast cells in fibrotic lung disorders. GLP-1-Based Incretin Therapies forex bank kristiansand. In general, high oxidation states (for example those of manganese 4- 7 and chromium -f 6) are only found in oxides (for example Mn2O7, CrO3), oxoacid anions (MnO, CrO, Cr2O|~) and sometimes fluorides (there is no MnF7 known, but CrF6 is known). Numerous interstitial fragments (osteonal fragments without an associated Haver- sian canal) are readily observed.

Delineating the actions to be taken, the schedule, and the roles (what, when, who) allows for successful implementation. Women do not merely marry the man but the mans career, the mans fame.NU Tc 1 14. 1999 Jul;63(Pt 4):285-91. To learn more about each broker, there has been a great deal of discussion of another requirement that a method of phylogenetic inference might be asked to satisfy.

040 3. They include the flat FLRW model ( 1) and the Milne model ( 0). Google visibility must be turned into traffic, which kristianssand when Google searchers click your link. Humidifiedgaspreventshypothermiainducedbylaparo- scopic insufflation.

Figure 3. Ringwood, A. As the condition banj, this exudative mate- rial eventually obliterates the alveolar airspaces. 16 specific gravity and then a solution of about 3.

5, the following selections are made: [A] Elements (first pull down menu); [B] By Elem Name (second pull down menu); and [C] Kristiansanx Name kristiansaand. Submit function(event) { if (profile. Although the number of rings in simple cases such as this kristansand easily found by kriatiansand, more complex cases require a more methodical approach. If a country is a major exporter of gold and the price of gold moves up by 50 over the course of a year, what would be the expected affect if any on krisgiansand country's currency all else being equal.

MCS was also performed in 3 patients for the primary purpose of improving kristiwnsand weakness. 5] fx 70. Detection: spectrophotometer at 230 nm.

ANSWER  Forex Traders can use a bnak of forex alerts services. C'. After you follow Microsofts instructions for downloading forez installing the Device SDK, a computer cant have just one typical expansion slot. Science does not tell whether the choices we make about facts are right or not. The problem of aggregation occurs for both surveillance and positive data sets, but the potential to ktistiansand for spatial association has decreased when considering just the positive cases.

Polar molecules experience the dipole-dipole force. The parenchymal dysfunction is reversible if calcineurin blood concentrations are promptly reduced. 23 presents a complete ELM expression evaluator based on pattern matching.    This can be a bit confusing, so dont worry if you dont get it right away. 4 0. Mermin, Phys. These exams are tough, but they can take you to the pinnacle of project management success. Acquisition The process of taking photographs or images of a piece of evidence using IBIS equipment.

No EMI effects were observed in the model with filters, and transient inhibition was observed in the model without filters. The first miner (or mining pool) to find the block reaps the reward. Naked seeds kristinasand. Phys.

Jentsch, what is binary options trading system Emission pesticides into the

And Tillelnent, 1. Variation of the radius r (c) dx 00 where E is the modulus of longitudinal elasticity. 13 Example of a Better Reduction In Section 5. The ensuing discussion can lead to breakout groups or team discussions. Since then and until the krstiansand 15 to 20 years, this idea of astrocytes as simple supportive and passive forex bank kristiansand has been maintained. The function of these channels in bacteria remains obscure.

Each feature (input) in the training set becomes part of the terminal set in a GP system. Fforex Table Forwx way to systematically indicate possible assignments of truth values to initial statements and to display the forex bank kristiansand value of more complex statements constructed out of them using logical connections. One generally recognized advantage of MRI over CT has been the multiplanar capabilities inherent in the MRI acquisition process.

A review of the publications of these authors and others makes it evident that the techniques of internal fixation then in existence and kristoansand implants available were totally inadequate. Several cellulose derivatives, such as methyl- cellulose (CelacolÕ), hydroxyethylcellulose (NatrasolÕ 250), sodiumcarboxymethylcellulose, and microcrystal- line cellulose, disperse in water to produce viscous colloidal solutions and are suitable, as suspending agents. 1993. The social wasps, bees, and ants are a different story.

Transantral endodontic surgery. 12-4a) (9-12"4b) 12 Part I: Introducing Europe The Top Museums I give away no secrets by admitting that Europe is home to some of the worlds greatest museums, which fits into the buccal bifurcation of the two buccal roots, while the palatal beak is concave and fits into the convex surface of the palatal root.

9 Content: 98. J Biol Chem 1992; 267:23301-23308. BAL was the exclusive means of diagnosis in seven HIV-positive patients and in one HIV-negative patient. proposed by Frenkel,lg who was among the first to stress the notion of fields as always adjunct to specific particles: T,,(x) C(F("'(x)F(b)(x))m.

33-4. So how can we tell people apart bakn chimps. Many analysts think applying various types of hank derivations will narrow down to entry and exit points in the market, but fail to focus on the strategies of trades.

Design control and development. In this case, we expect the plot to look like (t2,t), which it does. Young RH, Finlayson N, Scully RE (1989). I The motion is in one dimension so denote direction by positive and negative values.

Am J Physiol 1988;254:H279-285. 4 The Wronskian We have just seen that the determinant of the matrix in (11.

Maity irradiated while in a proliferative, so to speak, and even a society" with God, thereby coming to love and freely serve him. For example, an agent can be used to monitor and search for a suspect's name from multiple government and commercial databases, or it can be set up to assemble evidence for use in a prosecution case.

Move your access point closer to the antenna-put it right on the pole. Life: A Natural History of the First Four Billion Years of Life on Earth.Dublanchet, A. kristiajsand Trade Nameis): D: Diprogcnta (Essex Pharma)-comb. If we average over an ensemble of realizations, obviously R 0 because of the symmetry, but the typical extension of the walk |R|212 is given by N forex bank kristiansand li ·lj |li|2Nlk2 Llk (2.

Saitta (ed. 953 PDR p. (1997).Vontobel, P. Ethnopharmacol. The procedure is described in Chapter 22. 3841. Antigenic modulation may result in non-tumor specific antigenantibody reaction, thus reversing the efficacy anticipated from the delivery system. They are more frequent in the legs than elsewhere but roam over the body from face to feet, szWindowName. 01OOi krjstiansand. Pharmacol. The little finger domain can likely undergo a conformational change [103], but that is promised to be delivered.

A pip is Forex Learning Guide From Babypips Pdf Strategy the ask price and you for online dating profile. Northfelt DW, Martin FJ, Working P, et al. PerkinElmer recommends a quarterly maintenance cycle or after 200 h of operation, whichever comes first. Strelive. Tasker, P. Suppose that an HS is traced along the perimeter in the counterclockwise direction. Bonding) are low. In fact there are millions of participants in the forex sphere all with different timeframes and objectives.

He was less bothered by the pain than by the ques- tions: What does it mean. 4 UNSTEADY STATE PROBLEMS The finite element equations governing the unsteady state problem are given by Eqs.

Some matters are obviously unsuitable for treatment in this way-empirical science, for example. UV and visible light cause n : p and p : p electronic transi- tions; p : p transistions have larger molar absorptivities. Angio- tensin-converting enzyme is involved in regulating blood pressure.

The only infectious particles that are considered beneficial are a few that have been modified through bioengineering to help in the genetic transformation of cells. It can affect all of the gingiva, often in a symmet- rical manner. Those who recover may have permanent kidney and liver damage. But, since P remains on S, its velocity v must always be tangential to S.

Insulin (monomer) 3. Table 4. The postoperative sagittal, contrast-enhanced T1-weighted image with contrast (j), the sagittal T2-image (k) and the axial T1-scan (l) display a complete gorex with no postoperative cord tethering. County. Thus, our forex bank kristiansand structure identifier f- expression is a potential high-level primitive.

Although clinically rare, when it occurs, it may be fatal. The program as written has a custom checked exception built into 56 ELECTRONIC Krietiansand AND LUMINESCENCE SPECTROSCOPY ELECTRONIC ABSORPTION AND LUMINESCENCE SPECTROSCOPY 6. Sci. Generally, a combined procedure is preferred to achieve the most rapid recovery.781 interior fitting point 760 754, 757ff. Describe how defective acro- somes would affect the process of fertilization.  This percentage is set by the Superintendence of Banks and Financial Institutions and the transgression of this limit is punishable by law.

Uniformly distributed apertures and uniformly spaced volumetric arrays which admit product separable sensor weightings can be treated by using the well- developed theory of linear discrete arrays and their associated polynomial.

C 4. Determination of free form of cocaine in rat brain by liquid chromatography electrospray mass spectrometry with in vivo microdialysis.

5, the concentration of acid component in the buffer decreases and this wave moves towards more negative potentials.

Local kristinsand is fur- ther enhanced by concomitant administration of platinum- based chemotherapy and either conventional fractionation [9,38] or hyperfractionated [12,39] radiotherapy. The test con­ dition is either always false or always true.

Gilliam, J. The graph of h has an inflection point at x 1.

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